Level 3 Literacy

Social Studies

Social Studies will be integrated into reading and writing this year through our literacy units.

Chapter 1: Discovering the Social Sciences

Chapter 2: Exploring the Regions of the United States

Chapter 3: The Peopling of the United States

Chapter 4: A Train Tour of the Northeast Region

Chapter 5: Population Density and Life in the Northeast Region

Chapter 6: A Bus and Boat Tour of the Southeast Region

Chapter 7: The Effects of Geography on Life in the Southeast Region

Chapter 8: A Crop Duster Tour of the Midwest

Chapter 9: Agricultural Changes in the Midwest

Chapter 10: A Big Rig Tour of the Southwest Region

Chapter 11: A Case Study in Water Use: The Colorado River

Chapter 12: A Van and Airplane Tour of the Western Region

Chapter 13: Cities of the Western Region

Chapter 14: The Geography of Illinois

Chapter 15: The History of Illinois

Chapter 16: Researching the Economy of Illinois

Chapter 17: Researching the Government of Illinois


Students can login to the TCI website and see the student textbook from home, as well as at school.

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