Level 3 Literacy

All About Mr. Andres


Mr. Andres grew up and went to school in D41. He went to school at Main Street school (which is now the park district building), Abraham Lincoln, Hadley, and Glenbard West. It was fitting that in high school, he was awarded the D41 PTA scholarship. Having gone to school in the district and now teaching here is interesting because former teachers are now his colleagues (yet he still calls them either Mr. or Mrs. and not by their first name). He has been teaching for 22 years. He taught 6-8th grade at Northlake Middle School for 5 years. He has been at Forest Glen for the past 17 years teaching 4th grade and 5th grade. The last three years he taught literacy and social studies to Level 3 students.  He has a 6th grader who goes to Hadley.  In his free time, Mr. Andres plays baseball for a team out of Cantigny.

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